App Store Optimization - Vital Element of Mobile App Marketing

With more that thousands of mobile apps in every app store, making your app getting noticed and discovered by the potential users is really a tricky task to do that most of the app publishers usually face. Anyone planning to enter into app space should first understand distinct efficient ways of marketing and promoting apps. ASO or app store optimization is a process of mobile apps optimization to achieve higher ranking in the search results of app store. The higher the ranking of the app, higher is the chance of visibility to the users. The increased visibility to the potential customers increases the traffic to the app page.

The process of app store optimization needs proper understanding of the base of target customers that also include keywords used by targeted customers to search for any particular app. With the proper knowledge of such keywords getting used by the user, one can get better understanding of language of the targeted users that is a vital part of marketing strategy.

Significance of App Store Optimization

As per a recent research of Forrester, more than 63% of mobile apps are getting discovered by searches in app stores. In simple sentence, we can say that one not using app store optimization service for enhancing their search ranking in app stores, and then surely they are missing huge discovery platform.

With thousands of app in every app store fighting with each other to rank higher, the app store optimization service offered by mobile application marketing company can act as an effective weapon to improve your app’s ranking for overall growth and success.

Key Elements of App Store Optimization

  • Keyword in the title can enhance the search ranking of the app. To get the maximum result one should include related or relevant keyword, irrespective of the keyword difficulty in title.
  • Keep a track on the keywords and movement of the other competitors put some effort and time.